Sustainable by ADDIXY


Zero clothing waste due to complete build-to-order manufacturing

In the fashion industry, environmental pollution due to mass production and mass disposal has recently become a social problem around the world. As fast fashion becomes the mainstream, the cycle of fashion is becoming shorter year by year, mass-producing clothes with fast-changing trends and discarding large amounts of unsold inventory.

As an initiative to address this issue, ADDIXY will achieve zero surplus inventory by adopting complete build-to-order manufacturing that only produces the amount that has been reserved within a certain period of time.

It takes 2-3 months from order to delivery, which is a little longer than usual, but we have reviewed the short cycle of the fashion industry and created products that can be used for a long time by customers who sympathize with ADDIXY's unique world view rather than trends. We offer.

By starting the reservation sales period ahead of the season, we will deliver it without missing the season.

Domestic production

High quality by MADE IN JAPAN

Currently, only 2% of the clothes sold in Japan are sewn domestically, but ADDIXY sews at domestic sewing factories mainly in Tohoku (excluding some products). .

Through high-quality manufacturing that is made in Japan, we provide products that can be used for a long time.

By continuing to use ADDIXY products, which combine fashionability and high quality with a unique world view, you can contribute to the action that will change the future of fashion.